WhatsApp Download APK (Official) v18.70 (2023 New) Official YOWA

Today, we’ll reveal YoWhatsApp APK, the latest version of the well-known App. This article will provide information about the latest features and the best way to install the application. Read on to find out more.

WhatsApp started to show up at the edges of connectivity. It completely embraced every person with encryption from end to end. The most significant benefits were delivery status and the blue ticks indicating that the message was read. At first, WhatsApp charged a fee for its messaging services. However, later on, it began to offer services for free. But, users were asking for more features. Thus, developers came up with improvements to YOWhatsApp.

What is What is YOWhatsApp?

Before you begin the Yo WhatsApp download process, this is all you should be aware of regarding this App. With this application, it’s possible to modify all the conversations, select personal backgrounds for each contact, and change the font size. You can also access an array of emoticons, send big-sized videos and photographs, and make up to 700 images all at once. The App also allows users to hide contact information.

Yo WhatsApp is similar to your regular WhatsApp but with certain additional features. It allows you to make calls, send pictures and videos of voice messages, and perform various other functions using WhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp APK Download

Conscient of that, WhatsApp people who developed third-party apps have made these altered versions of WhatsApp like YOWhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, NS WhatsApp 3D, and many others available online have made users confused by these different versions. We’ve tried to give you complete information about the features and functions and features of WhatsApp and different versions to help you use WhatsApp efficiently. 

Install the App on your mobile device and benefit from the amazing features that WhatsApp provides its users. Technology is rapid, and the updated versions have outpaced the original WhatsApp application quickly. Many users are using modified versions because the interface is more inviting, user-friendly, and simple to install and use. There are numerous brand-new and innovative themes, Emojis, and themes to transform the dull feeling of WhatsApp into a pleasurable experience.

It is believed that the WhatsApp application was created by a team of programmers dubbed Yousaf al-Badsha. This version has been modified and comes with all the best features that users can expect. The App was installed and downloaded years before; however, it wasn’t updated, and users had issues with slowing and crashes on WhatsApp since the previous version was full of viruses and bugs. We’ve updated this version, and the latest version, released in 2022, is accessible on our website. It’s clean of viruses and germs to ensure a smooth WhatsApp experience.

The YO WhatsApp Latest Version with New Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Find out who to contact
  • Hide blue tick
  • Emojis animated, stickers and embossing
  • Custom-designed themes
  • Dark theme
  • Download stories
  • Hide view story
  • Anti-delete feature

Is YoWA Secure?

Millions are using Yo WhatsApp. It took a long time to let the App be up updated the App, and many glitches and bugs. It’s time the App was upgraded. It’s now completely free of viruses and bugs. There are no issues with production. It’s also 100% safe and secure, so you won’t need to worry about ads or malware.

Why you should use YoWA

Every user wants to upgrade the version of their application rather than the standard or the initial version. Developers of various apps have modified their official versions with new features unavailable in the original version. You can find FM Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and OGWhastapp Also, YoWA is just one of them.

WhatsApp has been in use for quite a while and is well-known for its user-friendly and reliability, as well as the instant message service. It’s now a standard for many users. However, WhatsApp has already become excessively popular.

Why not add some excitement to an already well-known application? This is a fantastic idea! It’s exactly what YoWA has been working on. These are features that are exclusive to you.


This is a major issue today, particularly with social media platforms. Many aren’t convinced that WhatsApp is secure enough for security, as users can access the online activities of other users and learn more about the user. This has prompted Yousef Al-Basha to integrate some privacy options into YoWA. It’s safer for users to make use of YoWA’s privacy tools.

Who can I call? As the name implies, you can stop calls from individuals you don’t want to talk to. It’s as simple as accessing their profile and turning off this option. If someone you block contacts you by phone, the contact is immediately blocked. Be aware of any issues that may arise during situations of crisis. On the other hand, you might be someone in need of help. It can be used to annoy people completely, I suppose.

The Last Time You Were Seen Freezes. This feature allows users to use WhatsApp without interruption because other people won’t see your last appearance.

Display Blue Ticks after Respond. In contrast to messages that display blue ticks, it only displays the tick after you respond. This feature is helpful for those unable to replay the message immediately.

Anti-Delete messages. In the first version of WhatsApp, you cannot read the message when you delete a conversation. With YoWA, you can search for messages deleted by the user who was on the other end. Your information is not stored in any way!

Anti-delete status. This allows you to read the stories of your acquaintances and see the videos they have uploaded. However, they have already deleted them. Therefore, you don’t have the most recent news.

Hide view status. This means that the person at the other end of the line won’t see your name on the status page in their profile. You’re not visible. You’ll be able to observe his position, but you’ll not be able to view him.

Yo WhatsApp offers an updated version which is an upgraded version of the WhatsApp application. This is why many users aren’t sure if they should use Yo WhatsApp. In addition, you can be banned from WhatsApp if you use Yo WhatsApp for a long time. However, there are a lot of amazing features which you shouldn’t overlook. We’ve provided the anti-ban direct link for YoWhatsApp, but if unsure, ensure you have a second number on Yo WhatsApp to enjoy its other features.

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