How to Check WhatsApp Chat History of Others?

WhatsApp is possibly one of the most popular informing apps in the world at moment. The app is used by millions of people around the world to talk to their friends on a daily basis. No matter what age, anyone who has an iPhone can use WhatsApp. All you require is the contact’s WhatsApp registered number and you’re set.

Like other energizing chat applications, WhatsApp is presently very popular with young and youth people, and has caused a lot of anxiety for parents. As an adult, you’ll need to prevent your children from engaging in inappropriate activities by keeping an eye on your children’s WhatsApp messages. Unfortunately, today’s kids aren’t able to get rid of their mobile phones.

It’s possible that you’re thinking about how you can catch some idea of what your kid does on WhatsApp? Don’t worry; we have the answer for you. Below, we’ll show you how you can see WhatsApp messages from other users without their knowledge. This way you will be able to successfully look the kid’s WhatsApp messages and make sure they don’t contain anything cryptic. We’ll also answer questions like the best way to steal WhatsApp chat history, and much more. Therefore, why not begin by getting right into it.

Can I Find WhatsApp chat History of other users?

In actual fact it’s possible to access information about the WhatsApp history of another. In any event there are two main ways to access another’s WhatsApp history online. The primary method is to convince the user to provide you with their phone number however, as we stated previously, this isn’t often the case. The other, more vigilant approach is to put an observing tool, commonly called a government-operated app that is installed on the cell phone.

Have you ever thought about the most lively person at your group chat? Who has the most conversations? Are there any used words? Have you ever dreamed of having a nice chart that shows what times you and your special one have the most conversations throughout the day?

Examine your WhatsApp chats in the most efficient method by using Chat Analyzer and find out!

Simply export your chat and upload your chat to our app and It will take care of everything. You’ll receive interesting infographics and graphs of your chatthat contain such useful data. Naturally, the information you share is in your possession: we will never be able to comprehend it, keep it, or sell it.

Chat Chart is an application that can provide a thorough analysis of any WhatsApp conversation.

Absolutely Free

Do not touch any gadget without authorisation

Does not require Internet

Does not collect any information from gadgets

To access the chatistics basically export the chat conversation of the user or group chats from WhatsApp to the ‘ChatChart’ application

Following the dissection of the chat exported ChatChart, this ChatChart provides the actual information along with diagrams of reference

Investigative research can be used to identify insights that are useful to:

Total number of

* Messages per user

* Words per user

* Letter per user

* Emojis per user

* Deleted messages of every user

*Media records are shared with each user

* Links per user

* A message for each day of the week

* A message is sent every hour.

* Monthly messages

* Messages from the most recent couple of days

  1. Top Emojis on the chat
  2. Top 5 Emojis of every user
  3. Op Words in the chat
  4. Top 5 Words of every user
  5. Top connections shared
  6. Top 5 connections of every user
  7. The most frequently viewed days
  8. The first and last date of notification and season for every user

ChatChart doesn’t require any special authorizations to function. The investigation is conducted by detachment, with no access for access to Internet or device information.

How to gain insights from any WhatsApp chat by using ChatChart’

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Chats with people of all ages, whether in person or group chats.
  3. Tap Chat Options (the three dots that show up in a good way)
  4. Chat option Tap Export
  5. Select to export with no media records
  6. Click ‘ChatChart’ to export chat

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