How to Check Others WhatsApp Call History For Free

If you are wondering how to check others WhatsApp call history for free, you are not alone. The Internet is full of apps that can spy on other people’s activities. RecoverGo, Spylix, mSpy, and CellSpy are a few options to try. These apps can send the details of any call made or received from a specific phone number.


Spylix is an app that allows you to monitor the phone activity of another person. It is available in both free and paid versions, and it will work with WhatsApp or any other social media app. It includes a keylogger feature that records keystrokes on the target phone and organizes them for you to view. Other features include tracking all calls, chat messages, SMS, and pictures. You can also see where the target goes and what websites they visit. It is safe to use, and it doesn’t require rooting the target phone or having physical access to it. It is also constantly updated with new features.

Spylix is easy to install, and it works in stealth mode to remain undetected. It doesn’t require any jailbreak and can be installed in minutes. Once installed, Spylix will provide you with real-time updates of the target’s activity. This makes Spylix the best choice for monitoring the activities of other people without letting them know about it.

Spylix is available in free and paid versions for both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to monitor the activity of WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, and other social media sites. You can even restrict the activity to a certain area, which means Spylix will notify you if your target crosses the limit. It also allows you to check deleted chats.

Spylix is easy to install on a target phone, and it supports both Apple and Android operating systems. It is compatible with 42 different data types, and its user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking, which makes it one of the safest spy phone apps available.


If you want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages, you may not want to jailbreak their device. Thankfully, there are programs such as mSpy that let you spy on anyone’s messages without the need to jailbreak their device. These programs will allow you to monitor all of their calls and SMS messages, and you can even block certain numbers from calling them, if you wish.

mSpy’s web app is easy to use and has a clear, simple interface. Most features are labeled so you can easily find them. Once you’ve installed the software on the target’s device, you can start monitoring their calls and messages in no time.

After installing the application, you’ll need to register for an mSpy account. After you’ve done this, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install mSpy on the target phone. The installation process varies depending on the target phone and whether it’s jailbroken or not. For an Android device, you’ll need to disable Google Play Protection, and you’ll need to have access to the device physically to install the application.

To install mSpy on an Android phone, you need physical access to the device that you wish to monitor. After installing the application, you’ll be able to login to the control panel and monitor the target phone. After a few minutes, the software will upload the information on the target phone. This process is slightly different on iOS. On iOS, you’ll need the target device’s iCloud credentials to get the app. You’ll also need to enter the target’s email address and choose a subscription plan.

Another great feature of mSpy is its ability to monitor other social networks, including WhatsApp. Although it’s not perfect, it has a number of advantages that make it worth checking out. For instance, you can set up a “safe zone” around your child’s school or any other destination and be alerted when they leave the area. It’s also possible to monitor their social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.


CellSpy is an easy-to-use application that allows you to monitor someone else’s cell phone activities. It can monitor call history, messages, and audio files. It also lets you know who the person has been messaging. This application is ideal for parents who are worried about their children using their cell phones. Once installed, it runs quietly on the target device. When the user sends or receives a message, the app logs it and sends the message to your dashboard. CellSpy is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The app functions like a call log and allows you to view and hear all the conversations that have taken place on the target device. Using the software, you can also view and listen to each voice message sent or received, or browse through photos, documents, and gifs. This software even works when the target device is in incognito mode.

Apart from calling history, CellSpy can also monitor other chat apps. You can even track the location of the target phone without the target knowing about it. You can also download recorded calls, text messages, and multimedia files from the target device. It also has GPS tracking, which keeps tabs on the device’s location at all times. The app can even track the person’s browser history.

This app allows you to monitor any phone activity, including SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook. It has over 30 different features and works with all Android and iOS devices. The app is easy to install and offers a free plan.


If you want to check other people’s WhatsApp call history for free, then KidsGuard for WhatsApp is the perfect solution. It is an easy to use app that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It can be downloaded within three minutes and automatically uploads data from WhatsApp to its online control panel. Once the app has been downloaded and activated, you can track other people’s WhatsApp activity from the comfort of your home or office. Getting started is easy – all you need is a valid email. You can then use this email to sign up for the app and activate the features.

Another great feature of KidsGuard Pro is the ability to download screenshots of other people’s WhatsApp activity. If you suspect your partner of chatting with another person, this feature can help you decide what to say or do. However, it is important to note that the app works only on unlocked devices.

After installing the KidsGuard app on your child’s phone, you can monitor their WhatsApp activity. The app also allows you to export all data and media files. You can also read all text messages and restore deleted messages. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your kids’ activities on the app.

Once you have installed KidsGuard, go to the Settings app and select “System Update Service.” You’ll be prompted to grant KidsGuard access to the phone. Select the permission for Notification Access and allow it. Once the notification access permission is granted, you can now check the call history of the other person.

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