Defender Battle Premium APK (Premium Free)

If you love playing the Android game Defender Battle, then you should get the premium version of the game. This version is developed by Droidhen, rated as one of the best developers by Google. The game has excellent graphics and is a good choice for gamers looking to experience the best battles.

Defender Battle Premium
Android version:4.1 and up

Free 200 diamonds

If you are looking for a way to earn free diamonds in Defender Battle Premium, you are at the right place. The game lets you choose a warrior character and command a royal army. You will earn rewards by defeating enemies and completing levels. These rewards are then used to upgrade your characters and items. To get started, you should download the app and upgrade your screen.

Free 100 Viking souls

You can now play this amazing game for free without spending a single penny! This game is designed to let you fight monsters and build cities. Your construction speed will increase, and your cavalry attack will be higher. As you play the game, you will also gain experience by killing monsters.

Free 100 Fire souls

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you can download and install the Defender Battle Premium APK for free. This application is fast, easy to use, and optimized for gaming. Once you have downloaded it, double-tap on the Google play store icon to access the game.

The game offers a wide variety of content for players to experience. There are various quests to complete and powerful monsters to fight against. In addition, you can also take part in PVP battles against other players. As you play the game, you will meet a new evil. This evil sorcerer has used his magic to turn the world into a dark and evil realm and is sending his evil enemies to wipe out the Soul Warriors.

Defender Battle Premium offers you the following:
✅Free 200 diamonds.
✅Free 100 Viking souls
✅Free 100 Tree Warrior souls
✅Free 100 Fire souls
✅No interstitial ads.

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