How to Check Anyone WhatsApp Chat History and Details


If you’re looking to spy on a friend or loved one’s mobile, you can install an app that allows you to view their entire Whatsapp chat history, including deleted messages. Using this app is simple. First, you need to download the app and install it on the target phone. Then, you can view shared messages, media files, and calls remotely. The app even attaches timestamps to every conversation.

This app works with Android and iPhone devices. It can also back up data remotely and automatically. It can also monitor social media and emails and track phone location. You can also install a parental control feature that lets you track your child’s activities on his or her phone. And, best of all, you can install this app without being caught.

MobileSpy lets you see the entire history of any conversation, including deleted messages. The app also shows you who the person is talking to and when. This feature makes it easy to track the phone of your partner, employee, child, or even employee. The app is easy to use, and it doesn’t require a password. The app also works in the background, so you don’t even need to access the phone to track the activity of others.

Another great feature of this app is the fact that it can track WhatsApp messages with ease. The app works with Android and iPhones and has an intuitive interface. The app also has the ability to archive deleted messages, view media files, and see web browser history. This app is easy to install and requires a stable internet connection.


A great way to check who your children are talking to on WhatsApp is with an app that will show you when they are online and offline. This app will also tell you where they are at all times and what they are doing online. Having this type of application installed on your child’s phone will help you monitor their activities online, whether they are at work, on vacation, or at home.

A good app to use is the WaStat Whatsapp monitor. It will alert you when someone is online and tell you when they were last seen. It also gives you information on where they sleep. Using this app is simple and convenient. The application runs on Android and is very easy to install.

Another useful feature is the ability to search a particular user’s chat history. Simply tap on the magnifying glass icon and enter the search terms you wish to find. As you type, the app will filter the messages so that only relevant ones are displayed. You can also perform a search within a specific conversation, such as a group conversation.

The FlexiSPY app also has the ability to read the private messages of someone else. It will give you the time stamp of every message and information on the sender and receiver. You will also be able to view any shared media with that person. If you’re worried that your spouse is talking to someone on WhatsApp, you can use this app to monitor him or her.


The mSpy app is an effective and easy to use way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp chat history and details. Once installed, you can read all of the online messages and all the media files that were shared during conversations. This app is easy to install and is designed to be undetectable.

You can set up safe zones around the target phone, including home, school, and other destinations. Then, you’ll receive notifications when the target phone leaves that zone. The app can also monitor other social media apps on a smartphone. The standard text message monitoring app is not enough, especially with the emergence of social media apps. Luckily, mSpy supports these popular social media apps, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Telegram.

mSpy is a great app for parents to monitor their children’s WhatsApp activity. It allows you to see private messages sent by the target person and shows time stamps, read status, and deleted messages. It also has features to track keyloggers and take remote screenshots.

Another feature of mSpy is its ability to read WhatsApp chat history and details. It can also spy on phone calls and track all other types of data on the target phone. This means that you can spy on someone’s calls and messages without them knowing.

mSpy can help you spy on anyone’s WhatsApp messages without jailbreaking the target device. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and works in the background. Because it works in the background, it’s invisible to the device’s owner, it allows you to monitor a child’s location and track their whereabouts without having to spy on the device.


If you’re suspicious of your partner’s online behavior, Chatwatch is the perfect app to check out their latest chats. This app uses artificial intelligence to give you an insight into what your partner has been up to on the app. You can also find out how many times they’ve been online in a given amount of time, and how much time they spend offline.

Chatwatch can be downloaded free on the Android Play store, and it also has a subscription plan that will allow you to monitor up to two numbers per week. If you want to monitor more than two numbers, you can subscribe to a higher plan for Rs140, which will let you see up to ten numbers per month. Until recently, Chatwatch was available for iOS, but developers pulled the app from the App Store. Currently, the developers are working on a web-based version of Chatwatch, which will be available for Android users to download.

Chatwatch works by analyzing WhatsApp chats to find out who your contacts are talking to. The app also uses WhatsApp’s public online/offline status feature to find out how often a contact is online. This way, it can determine the frequency of a contact’s online and offline activity, as well as their sleeping habits. Although the app has been removed from the App Store and Play Store within a week, you can still download it from its official website. It also comes with a free trial period of two days.

Chatwatch is one of the best apps to monitor WhatsApp activity. It works by using the information from WhatsApp’s public online/offline status to predict when your contacts will be online and when they’ll be online again. It also lets you know if your contacts are reading any of your texts.


OnlineNotify is a great tool for iOS users who want to monitor who’s using WhatsApp on their phone. It sends notifications when someone is online or offline, and it also displays the history of a person’s WhatsApp activities. The app also allows you to monitor multiple people at once.

OnlineNotify is free to download. However, you’ll need a jailbroken device to install this application on your phone. If you’re running iOS 8, you can use the TaiG jailbreak tool. Once you’re jailbroken, look for OnlineNotify in the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

OnlineNotify works well on iPhones and iPads that are jailbroken. While it has a very high accuracy rate, it can be a bit inconsistent. Sometimes, it won’t provide the information you need, and sometimes it will not notify you if the user logs out. For this reason, it’s not always a good idea to rely on this app to monitor WhatsApp activity.

The app has a free trial period that lets you check someone’s WhatsApp chat history and details for 24 hours. This way, you can check who’s online without being able to communicate with them. If you’re suspicious of a cheating spouse or partner, you can always be sure to check the chat history of a friend or partner.

OnlineNotify also helps you to monitor your children’s usage of WhatsApp. Its features are similar to those of the iPhone, which makes it easy to use. Another great feature of this app is its ability to monitor the last seen time and location. You’ll be able to check a person’s WhatsApp activity by installing the app from the playstore.

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