2 WhatsApp New Chat Tricks You Don’t Know About This

There are several new tricks and features you can take advantage of in WhatsApp. These tricks and features include finding out who reads your message, sending emojis, and archiving messages. If you want to keep the conversation thread visible and give it top billing, try these methods!

Find out who reads your message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp makes it easy to know who has read a message. This feature is handy for senders, but less appreciated by recipients. Although it is not possible to hide the time that other people have read your message, there are a few ways to find out who has read your message. First, you can check whether someone has checked your message by looking at the checkmark next to their message. A single grey check mark means that the message was sent, two grey check marks means that it was delivered, and two blue check marks indicate that the message has been read.

Fortunately, you can check who has read your message in groups and one-on-one chats. In group chats, you can see the time that a message was sent, and it can also give you an idea of how long it took someone to read it. You can also tap the person’s name to see more information. However, you cannot see the read time for other people’s messages, so you need to enable the option first.

If you don’t want to see other people’s messages, you can turn off the read receipt feature in WhatsApp. The read receipt option is located in the Settings, and you can toggle it on or off at any time. Once you enable this feature, you will know who has read your message and when.

The read receipt feature on WhatsApp can help you find out who has read a message. By default, this feature only shows read receipts in group conversations. Nevertheless, there are cases when you’d like to know if a message has been read by everyone in the group. You can do this by opening your WhatsApp app and tapping the ‘i’ icon.

Quote a message

Whether you’re talking to a friend or chatting with a group of people, WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to quote a message. To quote a message, open the conversation in question. Select the text you’d like to quote. It can be a text message, image, or document. Once you’ve selected the quote option, type your reply. You’ll then receive a preview of the quoted message in your chat window.

Quote a message on WhatsApp is a feature that you can use to reply to a message in a witty way. The process is the same as replying to a message on other platforms. First, open the conversation that you want to reply to. Next, tap on the “quote” icon on the right side of the text compose field. Once you’ve selected a message, choose the style you want to use for the reply.

WhatsApp’s quote feature is useful in both individual conversations and group chats. It allows you to give quick replies to specific questions or comments from the other party, especially in busy group chats. The quoted message will be pulled into the conversation, along with your reply, so everyone in the group will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Another way to quote a message is to hold the quoted text message. This will open the context menu that is located above the text input field. Tap on this option to quote the message, which will then prepend the quoted message to the new message. Once the quoting is complete, you can delete the quoted message from the conversation.

You can also reply to a specific message from your phone by tapping the Reply icon. This option can be found in the message field or menu. The reply button is a paper airplane icon that can be found next to a message. Once you’ve found the message you want to reply to, you can start typing the reply. You can also attach photos and other multimedia to your message.

Archive a message on WhatsApp

Archive a message on WhatsApp is an important feature that helps users organize their inbox and focus on important chats. This feature was developed by WhatsApp because users demanded it. Once you archive a chat, you can quickly find it again and continue the conversation. When you want to see a particular message, you can tap on the message and select Archive.

You can unarchive a message anytime you want. Just go to your messages, scroll to the bottom, and tap the Archived icon. You can also go to the chats in a group, and tap the Unarchive icon. The conversation will reappear the next time you receive a new message.

Archiving WhatsApp messages can be challenging in a business setting, but there are several ways to avoid the hassle. One way is to set up a WhatsApp server to store all of your conversations, allowing you to review them later. Archiving messages can also be a huge help if someone is suspected of misconduct.

Archive a message on WhatsApp is similar to archiving messages on Gmail. This feature will allow you to look back at messages you want to remember. Just like with Gmail, you can also unarchive them. This feature is helpful if you want to keep the conversation and keep it safe for future reference.

If you’d like to archive a chat, you can do so on Android, iPhone, and web. In Android, simply locate the chat and tap the archive icon. In iPhone, swipe right or left to view the chat and click on Archive. Once you’ve done this, you can also archive multiple chats at once.

Send emojis

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp to send multiple messages at once? This is a secret feature that most people don’t know about. It’s a great way to show how intense your feelings are, even if you’re not in a position to do so verbally. WhatsApp also has a recovery feature that will restore deleted messages.

Adding GIFs to your conversations is a great way to make your chats more interesting. You can also add text and emojis to your images. Another cool feature is that you can bookmark messages. This will save you a lot of time when you’re on the go.

You can also add bold, italics, and strikethrough text to your conversations. To do this, you must type a command followed by an asterisk or an underscore. These commands are helpful in making a short message appear bold or italicized. You can also create shortcuts for frequently used contacts so that you can send them messages or call them easily.

Another handy feature of WhatsApp is its ability to let you know when someone has read a particular message. Just hold the message in your screen and tap the three-dot menu. Then tap the ‘Info’ option and you’ll see who has read it. Note, though, that this feature isn’t available for people who have disabled read receipts, or for those who have blocked you. Another interesting feature of WhatsApp is its Last Sight feature. If you’re looking to reply to past messages, this will allow you to do so without having to go through all the messages again.

The WhatsApp app is also great for making messages disappear. You can send messages that will disappear after seven days. This feature was popularized by Snapchat, but now it’s available in a variety of messaging apps, including WhatsApp. Unlike Snapchat, however, it doesn’t have a time limit for the messages, so they’ll automatically disappear after seven days.

Create a shortcut

You can create a shortcut for your WhatsApp chat on your home screen. You can also add shortcuts to specific conversations. You can also add shortcuts automatically. Once you’ve added a shortcut to your home screen, you’ll always see it whenever you open the application. This is useful especially if you’re constantly sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp.

To create a shortcut for WhatsApp chat, first set the phone number to be associated with the app. Then, click on the shortcut to open the chat window. You’ll see a small message box at the top of the screen. From there, choose the contact you’d like to chat with and click ‘new’. The shortcut will open a new WhatsApp chat window.

You can also create a shortcut for groups. Groups are similar to contacts, except you can add a shortcut to each group. First, open the group you’d like to create a shortcut for. After that, touch the menu button on the group you’d like to create a shortcut for. Once you’ve done that, you can place the shortcut in a folder or on your home screen.

You can also create a shortcut for your WhatsApp chat on your Android home screen by clicking the WhatsApp app icon. Once you’ve selected the shortcut, you’ll be able to see the app shortcuts menu on your home screen. From here, you can choose a contact or group name to add to your home screen. Similarly, if you’d like to add a shortcut for your WhatsApp chat on iPhone, you can install the Apple Shortcuts app.

You can also add formatting to your text messages using WhatsApp. You can add bold, italic, strikethrough, or even underscores. You can also choose the font color to highlight certain words in your message.

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